RHODES 2001 - The experience

October 2001.

Soon after our Corfu tour new biking ideas were developing inside our heads.
Meanwhile we became a trio, Alain had heard about our Corfu adventures and he decided to join our biking team.

Are we going to explore the mainland now or are we going to choose another island? The combination of warm temperatures, beautiful beaches and ideal biking roads again lead us to the Greek islands, and Rhodes seemed prefect to us.
Qua surface area it's a bit larger than Corfu but it should be no problem to bike around it in a week.

The period was no problem, all three of us could make ourselves available at the end of September. The temperature at this time of the year should be tolerable on this rather southern situated island. We started drawing up schedules and routes and a few spaghettis later the Rhodes tour was a fact.

Average daytrips of 60 km should be feasible. A trained biker may think this is not much, but on this hilly route and with a packed mountain bike the kilometers can be counted for double.
We rented the bikes again at Hellas Bike and Kariboe was the right address for the bike bags.
We were ready to set off...