KEFALONIA 2002 - The experience

June 2002.

The first rays of spring sun make us long for a new bike experience. Since we are very impatient this year, we agree to find a new destination even before the summer.

After a while we get to the conclusion that yet again we want to explore an island. It seems more adventurous and it is such a glorious feeling to be able to cool down at a beautiful deserted beach after a tough day of biking.

Eventually we end up with Kefalonia, which is a real jewel amongst the Ionic islands. The island has many aspects: rough and mountainous areas but also green and pro-cycling landscapes, rather unknown and for the time being it's still saved from mass tourism. There are many idyllic beaches which are part of the most beautiful beaches of the Greek islands and the island's size is perfect to cycle around it in a week.
Let us hope that these promising qualities are all correct!

We quickly discover that the island indeed is less touristy. It's a tough task to find a flight to get us there: there are no direct charter flights, only a few combinations with the scheduled flights of Olympic Airways are possible. It's also a tough search to find some good bikes. After several calls and e-mails we find the bikes at Pantelis Ioannides, who is the owner of Panbike in Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia.
He guarantees us bikes with the right size.

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