BIKE-XP - Information


You don't have to be a trained cyclist to make this tour but it is advisable to have a good physical condition. If you lack that, you better have a great strength of character to drag yourself uphill everytime.


If you're not going off-road and follow the outlined route, a tire with little profile should be sufficient.
Wide tires with deep profiles are totally unnecessary here and they give to much friction on these good asphalt roads.
Don't forget to bring a spare inner tube and a bicycle pump.

The bike should have a good gear changer, a 24 speed gear is no luxury on these sometimes steep climbs with a fully packed bike.

Make sure that the brakes are in perfect shape, the braking distance of a fully packed bike is a lot longer than usual.

Luggage carrier
If you rent a bike locally, make sure that a reliable luggage carrier is mounted on the bike that can handle 25kg. Sometimes you have to bring this with you.

Bike bags
We chose for two bags at the back with a volume of 40l each, which is quite sufficient.
With a map carrier on the handlebars you can keep both hands on the handlebars while following the route.

Bicycle lock
The Greek islands are a rather safe place, but a bicycle lock gives you some insurance while you're visiting a place of interest.


If you have to take your luggage with you on the bike, then be very selective in what you bring along. Every kilo of luggage makes the bike more unstable in the curves and makes it harder to climb a hill.
A bottle of detergent can work miracles!
Biking trunks with a shammy leather prevents irritation and makes the cycling more pleasant.

The loss of energy on hot days is enormous.
Take a substantial breakfast, even if you're not used to that.
Drink regularly and enough (bring 1 or 2 bidons) and don't forget to eat along the way.
However the chance of starving or dehydrating here is very little since there are many shops where you can buy cooled beverages, fruit and sweets.
Don't forget this because the little man with the big hammer is always waiting around the corner.


As you can read in the travel report, finding a room in this time of the year is easy, so booking in advance is not necessary.
Regularly you pass signs which say 'Rooms to Let'. First ask the owner if you can take a look at the room, that way you can compare with other rooms in the neighbourhood and choose the best one.
Usually the rooms offer all basic facilities (bed, shower and toilet).
During the day you do not have a lot of nuisance from insects, but all the more at night. Make sure you have a device or spray to keep them away.