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The interest in biking has grown a lot over the last years, the sportive and relaxing way of exploring other countries is catching on more and more. There is no doubt that a bicycle holiday is the perfect way to combine freedom with the specific character of a southern country.

The bike-experience describes our experiences on our bicycle holidays. This way we want to promote short foreign bicycle holidays for the sporty biker. Using the routes, travel reports and practical information that you can find here, we lead you along the most beautiful places without losing sight of the relaxing aspect of a holiday.

You don't have to be an experienced road maniac and you don't even have to possess the necessary equipment to get to the finish of these trips, a sportive mind is sufficient. Bike-xp is constantly under development and over the next years we will expand our site with new discoveries.

At the moment you can choose from three extensive travel reports, each one provided with several pictures and a detailed route with contour map for every stage.
Wait no longer, choose a destination, read our experiences and start planning your own bicycle holiday this year!

Corfu 2000 experience     Rhodes 2001 experience     Kefalonia 2002 experience