THE BIKERS - Alain, Gert, Piet

The bikers...

Alain Gert Piet
Year of birth 1972 1968 1973
Weight (kg) 78 91 80
Length (cm) 174 195 202
Occupation stockbroker land surveyor bicycle repairman
Hobby's snooker travel, music bikes
Profile the translator the planner the biker
Level novice novice experienced
Positive points mosquito killer hedonist creating ambiance
Negative points bathroom occupier hairsplitter mosquito hater
Best experience Rhodes '01 Pantokrator, Corfu '00 mosquito-free days
 Worst experience saddle pain Rhodos '01 the day after mosquito hotel, Corfu '00
Bike-XP statement another bottle of wine? another mousaka please! godverdoeme!