CORFU 2000 - The experience

September 2000.

The weather in Corfu is nice and warm this time of year and since everything is still in bloom you tend to forget that summer is practically over. Corfu is a real paradise for bikers: there is a very good road infrastructure, as well for the tourist as for the sportive mountain biker.

On a sunny day in the beginning of June, we start dreaming about our holiday and that's where the search for a great, preferably active holiday actually begins. Piet has been thinking about a bike holiday for a while, but up to then it was just an idea. An e-mail to his former colleague Gert soon results in concrete plans. The search for an adequate bike destination initially starts with the brochures of specialized organisations.

It has to be a relaxing trip, not too hard but active enough to fill a whole week. In the beginning we mainly focus on the countries around us, but due to the possible risk of rain, we soon get to sunnier areas. Before we know we are in favour of the Greek Islands. Based on quotations in travel guides and information we find on the internet it soon gets clear that Corfu will be our destination.

Corfu perfectly matches with the assumed conditions. Mid-September seems the best period since the real heat will be gone by then. Several travel organisations offer all-inclusive bike arrangements, but we decide to enlarge the adventure by only booking a flight and a bike. This way we can plan the trip ourselves but it also means we will have to take care of our luggage as well.

Gert does some research on the internet and soon finds a bike rental organisation on the island. Considering the fact that we are both tall guys, we want to make sure that the size of the bikes is okay. The size should be "no problem" but since this is a typical Greek statement, we still have our doubts. Bags and luggage carriers are not for rent, so we have to bring them along from Belgium.

We are ready for the trip now...


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